A car battery typically lasts anywhere between three to five years. You can schedule battery replacements at Prime Toyota - Boston in West Roxbury, MA. In our certified parts department, we sell genuine Toyota batteries made to fit the car, truck, or SUV that you own in nearby Dedham. If you don't want to face the consequence of a non-start engine, you'll need to stay on top of how often you replace the car battery in your Toyota Highlander.

Book a Battery Test and Replacement Near Boston

Have you had your current car battery for over three years? If you're not sure how long it's been since your last battery replacement, you can check for other signs. You'll need to install a new car battery if you notice dim headlights, battery corrosion, or if the engine struggles to start. At Prime Toyota - Boston, serving Milton, we sell Toyota TrueStart batteries in our dealership's parts center. You can order yours virtually and have it installed by one of our factory-trained service technicians in West Roxbury.

During every service visit that you schedule at Prime Toyota - Boston, serving Needham, we recommend having the strength of your car battery tested. That way, you'll know right away if your Toyota Corolla needs a new car battery. Your West Roxbury Toyota dealer has service and parts coupons that could benefit the cost of a TrueStart battery and an onsite battery installation. Check to see what special discounts are available before reserving your battery replacement appointment from home.

Don't Postpone Your Next Toyota Battery Replacement

Having a functional battery under the hood of your Toyota RAV4 is key to dependable on-road performance. If you've had your current car battery for over four years, and start to notice slow start time, contact the service staff at Prime Toyota - Boston. You can request a new TrueStart battery and have it delivered to our certified Toyota service facility. One of our highly-skilled technicians will install it in your Toyota Camry or Toyota Tacoma. Don't let your car battery die. Replace it at Prime Toyota - Boston.

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